Neymar Is PSG Highest Earner Over Lionel Messi

Neymar Is PSG Highest Earner Over Lionel Messi

The Brazilian star Neymar jr takes home more a month than Lionel Messi does at Paris Saint Germain, that’s despite the fact that the Argentine earns £2.8million every month in France

Lionel Messi may have joined forces with Neymar at Paris Saint Germain this summer, but it turns out that the Barcelona legend earns less than his Brazilian team-mate.

Messi finally left the Nou Camp after a 21-year stint with the Catalan side as it appeared impossible to renew his contract under La Liga regulations.

And due to Barcelona‘s financial difficulties, one of their greatest ever players was forced to leave the club.

The Argentine made the move to Paris to link up with friend and former Barcelona team-mate Neymar,

while signing a £2.8million-per-month deal.

But Messi is not PSG’s highest earner, as the Brazilian is raking in the most money.

Neymar remains the most expensive signing of all-time, as PSG paid £185m for his services back in 2017.

The Brazilian was part of an iconic front three at Barcelona alongside Messi and Luis Suarez, but left to seek the limelight elsewhere.


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However, Neymar has failed to inspire European glory like PSG had hoped,

and he was reunited with Messi four years later as the French giants looked to secure their first Champions League.

But they were unsuccessful again as they were knocked out by Real Madrid despite leading 2-0 heading into the final 30 minutes of the tie.

It was expected that PSG had offered Messi a deal he wouldn’t have received elsewhere in Europe,

but after L’Equipe published their monthly earnings, it seems as though they didn’t offer him as much as Neymar.

And Kylian Mbappe is less than both of his fellow attackers.

Neymar is taking home £3.4m-per-month at PSG, with Messi just behind with £2.8m, and Mbappe is way behind the pair with a sum of £1.8m every four weeks.

The French side have since offered Mbappe a deal to become their highest paid player though.

They’ve offered Mbappe that much, that he would be the highest paid player in the world, let alone in Paris. But the deal has so far been snubbed.

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