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Christophe Galtier: How Could Neymar Not Be In My Plans?

Paris Saint-Germain presented their new head coach, Christophe Galtier, on Tuesday morning and the new boss has already made clear that he wants to keep Neymar around.

There has been speculation about Neymar’s future in Paris this off-season.

And many onlookers observed that the Brazilian didn’t seem to be prominently featured in the promotional images for the club’s new home kit.


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However, Galtier, has said he expects Neymar to stay and that he’s a player anyone would want.

“[Neymar] is a world class player, what coach wouldn’t want that player in their team?” said Galtier.

“Of course, you have to have a balance, but I’m clear on what I want from him and I’m sure he’ll stay with us.

“Because we want the best people here.”

The Parisian squad isn’t short of star power in the forward line and Galtier is delighted that he will get the chance to work with Kylian Mbappe.

“As a French coach, I’m happy he’s staying at PSG. It’s good for our football and for the club,” said Galtier.

“He’s one of the best in the world, but we shouldn’t put all the responsibility on him.

There are other players too and if we play as a team we’ll have a great season.

“We shouldn’t put any extra pressure on him. I expect him to be a decisive player as always, but he remains a strong player within a group.”

Galtier also spoke about how he wants his PSG team to play this coming season and he is looking for fast, dominant football.

“Before talking about the system, I want to see intensity, winning the ball back quickly, pressing,”

“I haven’t spoken with the group yet. We’re thinking about a three-man defence but we’ll have time to look at that.

You win more when you play well. Compared to my previous clubs, there will be a different focus.

“PSG often has possession. We will have to be able to attack well and keep the right balance.”

Galtier mentioned that the presence of football adviser Luis Campos was key to his joining PSG

and that he looks forward to working with him again. The pair previously coincided at Lille, where Campos was sporting director between 2017 and 2020.

“Before [signings] we need to work. Luis [Campos] is in charge of that, I’ve worked a lot with Campos and I can say that he has never brought in a player without me having a say,”

“I look after the day-to-day as well and if there are things I don’t like I intervene, but first I also share it with Luis and we decide.”