The African Boycott Of The 1966 FIFA World Cup

The African Boycott Of The 1966 FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is a competition that every country around the world dreams about winning at some moment. Whenever these competitions take place, make sure to wager on them at the platform.

However, for many nations, just participating in this competition is already a huge feat. For this reason, most national teams make huge efforts in securing a place in this world championship.

Yet, there have been some occasions when some teams intentionally have declined participating. On other times, this has been taken to the extreme. This is exactly what happened for the 1966 edition of the championship. For the only time in history, it was boycotted by an entire continent. This meant that all African squads decided to not attend the competition. The 1xBet platform has wagering opportunities on the best that African football has to offer.

Alleged unfair conditions

The reason for why this tournament was boycotted in the first place is pretty straightforward to understand. The online casino ng is available on 1xBet website, and can be visited before the beginning of the next edition of the FIFA World Cup.

This FIFA World Cup was attended by 16 teams. This is exactly where the problem arises. When designing the qualifiers for the competition, FIFA decided that three African nations plus one country from Asia would need to dispute a play-off in order to determine a single entrant for the cup. The 1xBet ng online casino is available on the website, and it offers games that can be explored while waiting for the next FIFA World Cup.

Unanswered demands

The format of the African qualifiers separated the nations into several groups. This created the first round. The best teams of each group of the first round would qualify to a second round, which, once again, divided the squads into three groups. Fans can 1xBet iOS download and install right now, and start betting on the exciting FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

The winners of these three groups would qualify for this play-off that FIFA created. The best team in Asia would be added to create the bracket, where only one team would emerge victorious.

However, the African football federations weren’t happy with this. They wanted at least one direct place to the World Cup. FIFA opposed, and this resulted in the boycott. This meant that North Korea, being the best placed team in Asia, qualified directly to the competition. The rest of the participants came from:

  • one from North America;
  • four from South America;
  • and ten from Europe.

All these teams played the competition that saw the hosts England winning their first World Cup title. It is possible to download and install the 1xBet iOS app now, and start betting on the FIFA World Cup.

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