‘You’re Letting London Down’_Ex-Tottenham Player Urge Pep Guardiola And Kevin De Bruyne To Stop Arsenal Winning The Premier League

Former Tottenham defender Neil Ruddock has urged Manchester City coach Guardiola and De Bruyne to stop Arsenal Winning the Premier League.

Mikel Arteta sides are 5point clear on Manchester City with 11 games remaining to end the season.

The 54-year-old, who started his career off at Millwall before joining Spurs, also featured for London clubs QPR, West Ham and Crystal Palace.

Speaking on the Sports Breakfast show, Ruddock sent a public plea to Citizens boss Pep Guardiola and playmaker Kevin De Bruyne.


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Pep, De Bruyne, please get yourselves together, speak to each other.

“Talk, don’t hold it all in, speak to each other, Pep – I need you – I need Man City.

“I’ve never needed Man City in my life, but I need them now.

“Don’t let Arsenal win the championship. Don’t let them win the Premier League, please! I’ll have to move!

“Listen Pep, you’re not only letting Man City down, you’re not only letting Man City’s fans down, you are letting every team in London down except Arsenal!

“Arsenal fans think they invented football, no they didn’t!

Pep, De Bruyne, please talk.”

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