Al Nassr vs Persepolis 0-0 Video Highlights (Download)

Al Nassr vs Persepolis

Football Video Highlights:  Al Nassr vs Persepolis 0-0 Download #AlNassrPersepolis .

Al Nassr vs Persepolis 0-0 Download Video Highlights: AFC Champions League – November 27th, 2023. 

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Al Nassr vs Persepolis the outcome was ended in a point for both sides.

Al Nassr had quite a challenge playing with 10 men and ending the match in a goalless draw against Persepolis.


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Cristiano Ronaldo‘s sportsmanship by telling the referee it wasn’t a foul during the penalty award is commendable.

Despite the draw, Al Nassr‘s position at the top of the table after 5 games shows their strong performance so far.



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