Joe Cole Insists Chelsea Flop Mykhailo Mudryk Could Still Outshine Arsenal Star

Mudryk Chelsea

Joe Cole suggests that Mykhailo Mudryk, despite his struggles at Chelsea, might later outshine Arsenal Leandro Trossard.

Mudryk has faced challenges in his debut season at Stamford Bridge, managing only four goals in 25 Premier League matches.

Both Chelsea and Arsenal pursued Mudryk during his time at Shakhtar Donetsk, with Arsenal nearly securing his transfer before Chelsea intervened and brought him to west London for an initial fee of £62 million.

Cole insists Trossard has done a ‘great job’ for Mikel Arteta’s side but says struggling Mudryk could still surpass the Arsenal star.

He said

‘I can see why Arsenal fans think that way now [that Trossard was the better signing] but maybe in the future they won’t.’

‘Trossard has done a great job. He was brought in specifically to do what he is doing – but Mudryk could still end up being a better purchase.

A lot will depend on how susceptible Mykhailo is to learning, developing and getting better.

‘He has shown signs and glimpses. It is a huge jump to come from the Ukrainian league into the Premier League where the demands are (higher) and in a club which is not… it is not a stable time to be playing for Chelsea.’

Discussing Mudryk’s struggles in west London, Cole continues:

‘He is coming from a different country and a league miles apart in terms of the level. He needs to figure out what he can and can’t do.


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‘He has come into a team that is not fluid and he is also young. He needs to develop.

What he could do in the Ukrainian league, it is not going to work over here. You have to be cuter with the movement.

‘He is one of the players I look at and think, “I’d love to coach him”. There are so many things he can do better than what he is doing.

‘It will click for him but he needs to sit down and really hone in on a few basics and that will make him a lot more effective.’

Cole also said it would make no sense for Chelsea to send Mudryk out on loan and hopes the fans continue to support the Ukrainian as he tried to justify his huge price-tag.

‘I would rule out sending him on loan,’ Cole said. ‘There is nothing he can’t learn at Chelsea but it’s on him. He has to take the lessons on board.

‘The fans also need to back him. As long as Mudryk is working hard and showing good body language, the non-negotiables, the fans should get behind him because there is a player in there.’

Chelsea will focus on their upcoming match against Aston Villa at Villa Park on Saturday evening, aiming to rebound from a significant loss to Arsenal.

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