“It Depends Who You Ask”_Kevin De Bruyne Goes Against Pep Guardiola Man City’s Champions League Legacy

Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne believes his career won’t be defined by winning the Champions League as said by manager Pep Guardiola.

On Saturday Manchester City defeat Manchester United at Wembley stadium to win FA Cup with two assist by Kevin De Bruyne.

After the Match City boss Guardiola declared that they needed to win the Champions League to finally get the outside recognition they deserve.

Guardiola said:

“We give more and more credit for what we have done these years, we have done many things.

But, I said to the players ‘you have to put the pressure on yourself, to be recognised as something good you have to win Europe’.

“Everybody knows it. We have done incredible seasons – five Premier Leagues,


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two FA Cups, Carabao Cups, but we have to win the Champions League to be recognised like the team deserves to be recognised.

We have to admit it, without the Champions League – it has been amazing, it has been fun – but we are missing (something). We have to do it.”

Ilkay Gundogan, Rodri and Nathan Ake echoed the manager, with a consensus among the squad that they must end their long wait for a Champions League title this season.

Meanwhile, De Bruyne offered a slightly different opinion, saying his own personal legacy will not change depending on what happens in Istanbul on Saturday.

De Bruyne

“It depends who you ask. Most of the guys have been incredible anyway. Will it help, yes.

But one 90 minutes doesn’t define a career. I am on around 700 games.

One 90 minutes out of 700 doesn’t define my career. But obviously it helps.”

Reflecting on City’s FA Cup final win over United, De Bruyne said there will now be added belief that City can win the Champions League to complete the treble.

“There was belief anyway but there was no point talking about it before. We know now.”

“I want to win the Champions League and I want to win the Treble but we were getting ready to win this game [FA Cup final].

We deserved to win. I am very happy and very proud. We should enjoy next week and hopefully we can perform the best we can.

“We have performed really well. We have been in so many quarter and semi-finals and two finals. We have been there most of the time.”

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