‘It Hasn’t Ever Happened’_Pep Guardiola Urges Man City To Break Their Tottenham Curse

Guardiola warn man city

Pep Guardiola urges Manchester City’s to be focus for Premier League history against Tottenham

Guardiola has cautioned his men to remain vigilant as they edge closer to making Premier League history against Tottenham.

The club stands just two wins away from clinching a record fourth consecutive title, a feat never before achieved in the league’s history.

With the clash against Tottenham and West Ham, City has the opportunity to secure this unprecedented quartet.

Ahead of their clash with Tottenham, Guardiola emphasizes the importance of his players staying sharp and not underestimating their opponents.

A win against Tottenham would move them back to the top of the table, surpassing current leaders Arsenal.


“If you play these games relaxed, it’s a big problem.”

“The right tension, and the right, hmm, focus has to be there.

“We need to demand the best. Maybe they are going to play for Champions League qualification and have a huge target for them too.

“We have a huge target at the same time as well.”


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In addressing City’s troubling form at Spurs’ new home, Guardiola admitted his side must break one barrier in north London to tee up that shot at Premier League history.

“Many times it happened we played really good, many, many times, we were not able to score and win the games.”

“But to do something in this country never another team has done it, so you have to do something special, exceptional I would say.

“And it hasn’t ever happened in the Premier League, so we have to do it this time.

“So history is in front of us, and we have to accept it.

“We have not done it, it’s the time to do it, otherwise Arsenal will be champions.”

City’s serial winners are fully versed in the pressure of pushing over the line for trophy success.

Guardiola insisted his players are showing the exact same attitude that has pushed them to glory in the past.

Asked how the mood compares to the same stage of previous years.

“The same. We know what we are playing for, how difficult it is to be here, already again.

“And we have something unique in front of us. And we have to deliver our best performance, give absolutely everything.

“And try to read exactly the game we are going to play, try to interpret it as best as possible, and go.”

Manchester City‘s recent performance has been impressive, scoring 15 goals while only conceding one in their last four wins.

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