Man Utd Legends Praises Garnacho: ‘I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Been In A Stadium To See An Overhead Kick As Good As That

Everton vs man United garnacho goal

Man United legends Gary Neville and Rio Ferdinand were among the first to label Alejandro Garnacho’s overhead kick goal against Everton as the potential ‘Goal of the Season’.

His shot soared into the top corner past Jordan Pickford, leaving every player on the field in sheer disbelief at the goal’s brilliance.

Onlookers swiftly drew comparisons to Wayne Rooney‘s iconic bicycle-kick against Manchester City.


‘He can’t believe it, Garnacho. I can’t believe it,’ Neville, on commentary duty for Sky Sports exclaimed.

  • ‘I don’t think I’ve ever been in a stadium to see an overhead kick as good as that – and I was there for Rooney’s in the Manchester derby.

‘That was unbelievable. A magical, magical goal.’

Fellow United legend Ferdinand tweeted his approval: ‘Thanks Garnacho. Goal of the season complete.’


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Legendary Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt, a well-known fan of the Red Devils, also tweeted: ‘Goal of the Season’.

‘Pickford absolutely no chance. What a start from Manchester United,’ Everton legend Leon Osman said on BBC Radio 5 Live.

‘Quick as a flash Garnacho spotted it, adjusted his body and it was behind him yet he still rises into the air and as sweetly as you’ve seen one hit connects with it right into the top corner.’

‘Absolutely amazing. We had a great view of it, right behind it,’ former United captain Roy Keane said on Sky Sports.

‘It’s really good movement, it’s a great ball from [Vitcor] Lindelof, a good run from Dalot and when the ball goes in… It’s hard to talk about it, I’ve never done it in my life!

‘But the contact he makes, the skill levels, as soon as it left his foot…

I’m usually critical of goalkeepers, but I’ll let him off this time! It’s a brilliant goal, and a brilliant start.’

Ex-Tottenham skipper Michael Dawson added: ‘The ping from Lindelof’s original ball, the strike from Garnacho, I was off my chair. It was absolutely sensational.’

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