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Tyson Fury Reveals His Next Opponent To Fight If Anthony Joshua Failed To Meet Up Monday 5pm Deadline

Tyson Fury and Joshua fight appeared to be close to an agreement, but it now seems to be ebbing away as the Gypsy King has imposed a strict deadline on AJ.

Fury says that he will be fighting Manuel Charr next unless Anthony Joshua signs the contract to face him before 5pm on Monday.

Joshua wants the fight, but his team will not agree to signing a contract until they are happy with the details, which they are not at present.

Fury is insisting that the paperwork is completed by 5pm on Monday (26 September) or he will move on to a clash with 37-year-old

Manuel Charr, who has amassed a record of 37-4 , although his only victories since 2017 have been over Christopher Lovejoy and Nikola Milacic.


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The unbeaten heavyweight champion said in an Instagram video on Monday:

‘Today is D-Day, people! F***ing D-Day! You’re going to sign the contract you big p***y or are you not going to sign it?

‘When [Deontay] Wilder sent me the contract for Wilder I, I signed it within 24 hours because I wanted to smash his face in.

You’ve had the contract 10 days now b**ch, still ain’t signed it.

‘If it’s not done by 5 o’clock today, GK’s moving on.

He fancies himself as a bit of a J Hussy, but really he’s just a big bodybuilding p***y!’

Fury has also started hyping a fight between him and Charr, posting photos of the pair and confirming to the veteran heavyweight that he will be next if AJ runs out of time.

Fury wrote to Charr:

‘If he don’t sign today you are in big G and u can show them how a real man throws down!!’

Charr built up a record of 21-0 by mid-2012 and earned himself a shot at then WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, but was stopped by the Ukrainian in the fourth round.

He has since suffered defeats to Alexander Povetkin, Johann Duhaupas and Mairis Breidis

but is now on a five-fight win streak, although that is over six years and against uninspiring opposition.

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn predicted that it would be Fury vs Charr on 3 December, guessing that it was the Gypsy King’s plan to make it very difficult for AJ to sign a contract so he could move on to Charr.

Hearn told IFL TV on Friday:

‘I think Tyson Fury is fighting Manuel Charr, in all honestly, the more I think about it.

We’ve all agreed to work hard on a contract. we got the contract last Saturday and it was all over the place.

Since then, we have had calls as recently as yesterday getting it in the right place.

‘I think they want us to run out of time. We are not just going to sign a contract that isn’t in the right format or isn’t in the best interest of Anthony Joshua.

The terms are agreed. But we have to go into the position where were are negotiating with broadcasters.

‘Honesty, hand on heart, I think what Fury will do is [say] “oh this taking too long”.

The fight is 3 December. The fight can sell itself in 24 hours.

We are under no time constraints. It has got to be right.’

Speaking on Sunday, Joshua did not confirm that he would, or even could, meet the deadline as he intends to sign the contract but it is with his legal team.


‘I’ve been signing contracts for years. It’s not in my hands, it’s with the legal team.’

‘That’s why you hire lawyers. If you know the history of boxing make sure you get the legal terms right, that’s why you get good management and good lawyers to make sure you get your business right.’

‘Of course I’m going to sign the contract, it’s just with some lawyers at the minute.’