Erik ten Hag, Manchester United Boss, Insist That His Players Support Him Despite Reports Suggesting Unrest

Erik ten hag

Manchester United’s manager, Erik ten Hag, affirms that his players stand firmly behind him, countering Tuesday’s reports that suggested a subset of players might be losing faith in their manager.

There’s a suggestion that the former Ajax boss might be facing dissent within the dressing room, as several players are reportedly unhappy with the current situation.

Ahead of Wednesday’s Premier League match against Chelsea, United made the decision to exclude four media organizations from Tuesday’s press conference.

The club cited a lack of opportunity to respond to negative stories as the reason for their action.

Manchester United‘s performance this season has shown inconsistency, resulting in a slim chance of qualifying for the next stage of the UEFA Champions League.

He said:

“I always listen to my players and I always give them opportunities to tell, if the players have a different opinion of course I will listen.”


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“But they haven’t told me – or maybe one or two. But it is about in general: the majority, they want to play like this – proactive, dynamic, brave, that is what they want.

“You can see the players are behind it because of the performances against Everton and Galatasaray.

Do you think we can make the goals we did against Everton if the players don’t embrace it? I am sure [the players are behind me].

“You can see for instance the comeback against Brentford, the Burnley game, the Fulham game. You can see you can’t play such great football as we did lately if there is no unity.

“We are not robots. If you play three games in six days, tough games. By the end the fatigue can be an issue, never an excuse, but it is there.

Against Galatasaray, against Everton we played very well. Against Newcastle we were not happy with our performance.”

Manchester United currently hold a five-point lead over Chelsea. Securing a win would further extend their lead before their upcoming match against Bournemouth over the weekend.

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