Al Nassr Vs Al Shabab Fc 3-2 Highlights (Download Video)

Cristiano Ronaldo in action in Al nassr vs Al Shabab

Football Video Highlights:  Al Nassr vs Al Shabab 3-2 Download 

Al Nassr vs Al Shabab 3-2 Download Video Highlights:  – May 23rd, 2023.


Al Nassr vs Al Shabab the outcome was in favor of home side.

Al Nassr snatched an unlikely win courtesy of goals from Talisca, Ghareeb and skipper Ronaldo to keep their title hopes alive.

Al Shabab players taking it slow as they put in short passes but there is no progression, everything happens in their own half.

Ronaldo initiates an attack as he dribbles swiftly past three defenders, gets into the final third on the left lane, tries to find Talisca in the middle but the ball is cleared away.


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Gustavo feeds it to Ghareeb who in turn finds Ronaldo inside the box, on the left side but a brilliant man marking from Santos keeps Ronaldo at bay.

Talisca’s superb run towards the box proves tricky for the defense but they converge onto him, he quickly sends the ball to Ronaldo, who chipped it inside the box towards Talisca but the goalkeeper proactively punches it away.

25 min Al Shabab takes the lead. Cristian Guenca slotted it to the lower left corner,

Rossi did well to get a touch but the ball blazed past him.

Huge setback for the men in yellow as this could prove detrimental for their title hunt.

OFF THE CROSSBAR! Konan floats a wonerful chip inside the box, Ronaldo hangs on to it but it crashes on to the post!

At 40 min Guanca gets his brace! that went into the post like a bullet!

Alawjami lost posession right at the edge of the box, Mina’s shot takes a deflection but goes directly to Guanca who lashes out a powerful low kept shot that found the back of the net

Al Nassr pulls one back as talisca scores! Al Hassan got the ball inside the box on the left, he quickly puts in a short pass that finds Talisca, who slots in in coolly

Ghareeb restores parity for Al Nassr! He’s not only equalised here but has kept the title hopes alive!!

At 53 min Al Nassr almost took the lead. Talisca gets the ball in close quarters and tried to tap it in but Kim’s reflexes keeps the ball away

Goal as Ronaldo gets the ball inside the box, cuts to the left of a defender and slots it to the right of a diving Kim and the crowd goes crazy as they continue to sing Ronaldo’s signature celebration “SIU”




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