Inter Fans Divided On Lukaku Despite His Apology

Inter Fans Divided On Lukaku Despite His Apology

Romelu Lukaku left Inter Milan to Chelsea in a heartbroken the Belgian International come back this summer on  loan deal, and some fans are still not happy the way he left them at first period.

Lukaku highlighted the divisions between fans regarding the Belgian.

The 29 years old year with the Chelsea was complicated by an interview he gave to Sky Sports Italia only months into his time at the club, when he stated his love for Inter and desire to return one day.


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Lukaku returned to the pitch for Inter for the first time in two months last night, coming on in the 83rd minute of the match.

Whilst some fears loudly cheered the Belgian as he stepped out onto the grass, things were different in the heart of the Curva Nord.

An ultra leader warned his fellow diehards on the megaphone, instructing that

“no-one dares to make a chant for that one”,

highlighting how some in the fanbase still haven’t forgiven the Belgian for his move to Chelsea last year.

After scoring his goal in the dying minutes of the match,

Lukaku kissed his shirt and ran towards the fans, putting a hand over his heart and raising the other to apologise.

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