Peru vs Brazil 0-1 Video Highlights (Download)

Peru vs brazil

Football Video Highlights: Peru vs Brazil 0-1 Download #PERBRA.

Peru vs Brazil 0-1 Download Video Highlights: World Cup Qualifier– September 13th, 2023.

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Peru vs Brazil the outcome was in favor of away side.

Peru with an attack straight away as Abram and Lopez link up on the left flank. But the Brazilian defense is just too good for them.

Casemiro intercepts a Peru pass and tries to find Neymar near the box but the Man United man finds it difficult to control the ball and fires it faster than desired, directly into Gallase’s hands

Corner for Peru. Yotun takes it and opts for a short pass to Carrillo.


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The latter sends in a cross but it’s too high for anyone to collect, Ederson grabs it with ease.

There’s a video check as the referee suspected Ederson of going out of the backline to collect the ball, replay shows he was indeed fine

Raphinha makes it 1-0 or has he? There’s a VAR check for offside and it looks like Rodrygo was offside during the buildup. Upto the refs now. It was rule out offside.

Neymar sends a long ball inside the box towards a running Richarlison but Gallese acts quickly to grab it.

Goal… Quick counter from Brazil on the right flank as Raphinha found an unmarked Guimaeres near the box. The Newcastle man then sent in a curling cross towards Richarlison, who headed it home.



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