Top 20 Richest Club In The World: Barcelona Takes The Lead

Spanish Football Club, Barcelona has become the richest club in the world with a net worth of 715 million euros.

It is the first year since the annual study began that the giants of the sport have all made significant losses in their income.

LaLiga giants, Barcelona take the lead as the richest club with a net worth of 715 million euros.

Barca received the most income in the world at 715 million euros but they lost 125 million euros in the last year.

Second on the list is another Spanish giant, Real Madrid on 714.9 million euros.

Los Blancos lost their grip on first place in 2020, but they were very close to regaining it in 2021.

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Bundesliga giants, Bayern Munich are third on the list at 634.1 million euros.

Premier League team, Manchester United are fourth on the list with a net worth of €580m.

The Red Devils lost €135m in 2020, which was a 19% drop in total income from the previous year.

Premier League title holders, Liverpool are 5th with €558m.

Liverpool moved from 9th place in 2017 and is now fifth, sitting right on the heels of rivals United in fourth.

List of top 20 richest club in the world:

  1. Barcelona – €715.1m
  2. Real Madrid – €714.9m
  3. Bayern Munich – €634.1m
  4. Manchester United – €580.4m
  5. Liverpool – €558.6m
  6. Manchester City – €549.2m
  7. Paris Saint-Germain – €540.6m
  8. Chelsea – €469.7m
  9. Tottenham Hotspur – €445.7m
  10. Juventus – €397.9m
  11. Arsenal – €388m
  12. Borussia Dortmund – €365.7m
  13. Atletico Madrid – €331.8m
  14. Inter Milan – €291.5m
  15. Zenit Saint Petersburg – €236.5m
  16. Schalke – €222.8m
  17. Everton – €212m
  18. Lyon – €180.7m
  19. Napoli – €176.3m
  20. Eintracht Frankfurt – €174m

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