Mario’s Balotelli’s Biggest Regret: I Shouldn’t Have Left Manchester City

Mario's Balotelli's Biggest Regret: I Shouldn't Have Left Manchester City

Former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has had a funny career.

His emergence at Inter was met with great hope and expectations, but he never managed to stay at the top of the game for as long as most people had hoped he would.

The Italian has still enjoyed a more-than-decent career, but there’s a feeling in Italy that he might have done more.

And there is plenty of regret that surrounds him.

In his eyes, his biggest mistake was his decision to leave Manchester City for AC Milan in 2013.


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Balotelli admitted to former City teammate Nedum Onuoha in an interview with the Athletic.

“I think that was my biggest mistake, to leave City.”

“Even in the year when I left, I played very well in Milan for a year and a half, but after that I had some problems.

And now that I’m older, I know that I shouldn’t have left City at that time.

“All these years seeing City improving, improving and improving. I could have been here like Sergio Aguero for a long time.

“If I had my mindset now… When I was at City, probably one golden ball [Ballon d’Or] I could have won, I’m sure about this.

But you know, when you grow up, you mature more, so…”



Balotelli’s off-field life was always the subject of much media attention,

but the Italian claims that a lot of the reports were fabricated and part of a persona that was invented around him.

“I don’t know why, to be honest. I don’t know,” Balotelli said when asked why he’s still remembered so fondly at City. “I think they liked me as a player.

“And then probably they read too much, too many newspapers, because the newspapers were talking… like, creating stories every time.

Sometimes, I was home and somebody called me and said, ‘They say that you did this, you did that’.

I was like, ‘It’s impossible. I’m in my house’. They created so many stories, they created the Mario Balotelli in England.

“But to be honest, I was more quiet than they thought.

But probably the people also like this part… most of the time, it wasn’t true. Sometimes yes… but most of the time, no.

“Most of the things that people think about me, they’re not real.”

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