The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar delighted fans with many records. The tournament had everything – unexpected soccer live scores, dramas and disappointments.


Records and interesting facts about the FIFA World Cup 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese is the first player to score in the final five World Cups (2006, 2010, 2014, 2018 and 2022). The goal against Ghana made Cristiano the oldest player to score at the Mundials for a Portuguese team (37 years, 292 days). In addition, this tournament was the fifth for CR7 – only four players can boast such an achievement:

  • Antonio Carbajal and Rafael Marquez (both from Mexico);
  • Lothar Matthaus (Germany);
  • Lionel Messi (Argentina).

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Lionel Messi

So, in addition to repeating the record for the number of World Cups held, Leo has renewed a number of other achievements. He became the first Argentine to score in four tournaments (2006, 2014, 2018 and 2022), surpassing Diego Armando Maradona and Gabriel Batistuta.

The goals in the final against the French were the 95th and 96th for the national team, the absolute record of the Argentine team, on what soccer prediction experts made before the start of the 2022 World Cup.

The final against the French was Messi’s 26th World Cup clash. Previously, the record holder had been German Lothar Matthäus, who had made 25 appearances. The match against Australia became the 1000th in his career.

He scored his first World Cup playoff goal in the same game. And the assist in the quarterfinal against the Dutch was the fifth in the play-off round – in this indicator he passed Pele (4).


Olivier Giroud and Hugo Llaurice

Olivier Giroud’s goal against the Poles in the 1/8 final was his 52nd goal for France. He surpassed Thierry Henry, and in the next game consolidated his lead in the list of the best scorers of the French team in its history.

Another record for the French national team was set by goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. The final against Argentina was his 143rd appearance for Le Bleu. The previous record belonged to Lilian Thuram – 142 games.

Inaki and Nico Williams

For the first time in World Cup history, brothers have played for different teams. Iñaki Williams, 28, played for Ghana and his younger brother Nico (20) for Spain. Both play at the forward position and play for the same club, Athletic Bilbao.

Stephanie Frappar

For the first time a woman officiated at a men’s World Cup match. That was the Frenchwoman Stéphanie Frappart, who officiated the meeting between Germany and Costa Rica, which ended with the Europeans’ victory with a score of 4-2. Earlier she had officiated at the Mexico-Poland match.

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Seeing football assistant managers that are later promoted to head coaches is not rare at all. The website features betting opportunities on teams that feature the best coaches in the world. However, there are some very rare cases where the opposite happens.

More specifically, in some rare instances, someone who was a head coach is relegated to being assistant manager on the same team. That’s exactly what happened to Dutch manager Danny Blind not one but twice. Dutch football is fascinating to watch and bet, and the 1xBet website is the best place where punters can wager on all its matches.

The head coach who was relegated

A spell in Ajax

2005 wasn’t an easy year for Dutch team Ajax. They missed the Eredivisie title against rivals PSV. Additionally, the team was eliminated from the UEFA Cup by French team Auxerre. This led to the resignation of Ronald Koeman, who was Ajax manager at the time. The most accurate live bet scores are on 1xBet, and they can be used to adjust wagers made on Ajax and other teams.

Danny Blind was appointed as manager of Ajax immediately after Koeman’s resignation. He remained on the role for more than a year.

Later, in 2009, Blind was the director of football of the Dutch team. However, he became assistant manager of the team to Martin Jol, where he remained until 2011. Highly accurate live scores are available on 1xBet, which can be used for making bets with excellent winning chances.

Moving to the Dutch national team

The Dutch was without a job not for long. In 2012, after Louis van Gaal was appointed as head coach of the national team, Danny Blind was selected as one of his assistants. In 2014, Guus Hiddink replaced van Gaal as manager of the team, and Blind remained as one of his assistants. You can visit now to wager on excellent virtual sports events, where punters can also review chances to bet on football.

Hiddink stated that he would depart the team in mid-2015. The Dutch football association stated that Blind would succeed him as head coach of the team. However, Blind’s spell in charge of the squad was far from good. In total he obtained:

  • 7 victories;
  • 3 draws;
  • and 7 defeats.

After a series of dismal performances, and also missing the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Danny Blind was fired as head coach of the squad in 2017. Four years later, in 2021, after Louis van Gaal was again appointed as manager of the Dutch national team, Blind was again chosen as one of his assistants. If you want to wager on the Oranje, the 1xBet website definitely is your best option.

Chilean football has a surprising number of interesting and thrilling derbies. Now visit 1xBet – go to betting site Kenya to wager on those rivalries.

The Clásico Porteño is one of the most interesting derbies in the South American country. The teams who play it are Everton and Santiago Wanderers. These teams are two of the oldest football squads in the country.

By the way, “Clásico Porteño” can be translated as “port derby”. This name comes from the fact that both teams are located in cities with very busy ports.

Both teams were established in the late 19th century in the Chilean port city of Valparaiso. At the time of their creation, this city was considered as the economic center of the country. You can go to the 1xBet Kenya betting site if you want to wager on all matches played by those two squads.

The Entertaining Clásico Porteño

One team moves

While both squads originated in Valparaiso, in the early 20th century Everton moved to the neighboring area of Viña del Mar. Yet, both Viña del Mar and Valparaiso form a metropolis that is the second largest in all Chile. Making live wagers on both teams is really easy, and the website is the perfect platform to do that.

Both Viña del Mar and Valparaiso diverged in the way in which they faced the 20th century. Viña was seen as a more “affluent” area, where some of the richest people in the country had their weekend homes. On the other hand, Valparaíso became more of a “working class” area. Naturally, these social differences also reflected themselves in how fiercely the derbies between the two teams became. The 1xBet online bookmaker also allows you to make live wagers on all matches played by those two squads.

A relatively even derby

Historically, Everton has had a slight edge over their rivals. However, each single edition of the Clásico Porteño is a hotly contested match. On many occasions it has happened that one team has been on the top level of Chilean football while the other has been in the second one. Yet, even if they play in those circumstances, it is not unusual to see the team in the lower division winning the match. Punters can find the 1xBet live casino for everyone, and it is a great place to sign up before the next edition of the Clásico Porteño begins.

The tournaments where these two teams have played against each other throughout history include:

  • the Chilean top division;
  • the second level of Chilean football;
  • the Copa Chile;
  • and even on the qualifiers for the Copa Sudamericana.

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World Championship Wrestling was one of the most popular wrestling franchises from the 1990s. The platform 1xBet sports betting is the best, and among its incredible set of features, punters can also wager on excellent wrestling matches.

One of the most iconic events organized by this franchise between 1993 and 2000 was Slamboree. The main protagonists who participated in this event were wrestlers from Jim Crockett Promotions. Prior to the establishment of Slambore, Jim Crockett Promotions were a wrestling franchise of their own. It competed directly with the then-WWF and the WCW itself. Making sports betting through 1xBet is the best way of winning excellent rewards, and punters can visit this platform to wager on these wrestling events.

However, later Jim Crockett Promotions was absorbed by the WCW, and became one of the most successful events within this franchise.

The Exciting Slamboree

Wide recognition

The first three editions of Slamboree took place between 1993 and 1995. During this time, many of its participants were also inducted into the WCW Hall of Fame. Create an account now at 1xBet – secure wrestling betting site that features wagering opportunities on the best wrestlers from plenty of franchises.

Some of the names that won Slamboree during its existence include:

  • Big Van Vader;
  • The Giant;
  • Scott Hall;
  • Kevin Nash;
  • Diamond Dallas Page;
  • and David Arquette

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A dispute regarding the trademark

There is a more conflictive aspect related to Slamboree. Specifically, during the 2000s, the WWE acquired most assets from the World Wrestling Championship. Speaking about the exciting and thrilling WWE, right now a 1xBet live stream is available, and it covers plenty of events from this franchise.

The trademark regarding Slamboree expired in 2005. However, in 2019, Cody Rhodes, who is the moniker of a former WWE wrestler, wanted to trademark the event and his persona once again. This led to a brief legal dispute between the WWE and Rhodes. Thankfully, a settlement was reached in late 2020. In basic terms, Cody Rhodes was awarded the trademark over everything related to his character in the wrestling franchise.

By contrast, the WWE was awarded Slamboree and other events from the WCW era. ​​A high-quality 1xBet live stream is now available, and by using it, punters can watch the best wrestlers from this franchise.

The African Boycott Of The 1966 FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is a competition that every country around the world dreams about winning at some moment. Whenever these competitions take place, make sure to wager on them at the platform.

However, for many nations, just participating in this competition is already a huge feat. For this reason, most national teams make huge efforts in securing a place in this world championship.

Yet, there have been some occasions when some teams intentionally have declined participating. On other times, this has been taken to the extreme. This is exactly what happened for the 1966 edition of the championship. For the only time in history, it was boycotted by an entire continent. This meant that all African squads decided to not attend the competition. The 1xBet platform has wagering opportunities on the best that African football has to offer.

Alleged unfair conditions

The reason for why this tournament was boycotted in the first place is pretty straightforward to understand. The online casino ng is available on 1xBet website, and can be visited before the beginning of the next edition of the FIFA World Cup.

This FIFA World Cup was attended by 16 teams. This is exactly where the problem arises. When designing the qualifiers for the competition, FIFA decided that three African nations plus one country from Asia would need to dispute a play-off in order to determine a single entrant for the cup. The 1xBet ng online casino is available on the website, and it offers games that can be explored while waiting for the next FIFA World Cup.

Unanswered demands

The format of the African qualifiers separated the nations into several groups. This created the first round. The best teams of each group of the first round would qualify to a second round, which, once again, divided the squads into three groups. Fans can 1xBet iOS download and install right now, and start betting on the exciting FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

The winners of these three groups would qualify for this play-off that FIFA created. The best team in Asia would be added to create the bracket, where only one team would emerge victorious.

However, the African football federations weren’t happy with this. They wanted at least one direct place to the World Cup. FIFA opposed, and this resulted in the boycott. This meant that North Korea, being the best placed team in Asia, qualified directly to the competition. The rest of the participants came from:

  • one from North America;
  • four from South America;
  • and ten from Europe.

All these teams played the competition that saw the hosts England winning their first World Cup title. It is possible to download and install the 1xBet iOS app now, and start betting on the FIFA World Cup.


Football is a sport that people enjoy for its unique moments, excellent displays of talent and memorable matches. For wagering on the best events that take place in this incredible sport, don’t forget to visit the website.

Unfortunately, the discipline is not immune to sad and tragic moments. One of those sad events occurred to Argentinian striker Emiliano Sala, who tragically died in a plane crash on the 21st of January 2019.

Prior to the accident that ended his life, Sala had a great career in Argentina and France. All the squads where he played on can be wagered at the 1xBet online betting platform.


The tragedy of Emiliano Sala


A career mostly spent in France

Sala played professionally between 2007 and 2019. He spent most of his professional years in France. The best ​​betting football online with 1xBet bookmaker can be made on all matches that the exciting Ligue 1 is capable of offering.


Some of the teams where the Argentinian striker played were:

  • Bordeaux;
  • Orléans;
  • Niort;
  • Caen;
  • and Nantes.

He played in Nantes between 2015 and 2019. He became one of the most important players of the team. Fans can enjoy great online football betting with the 1xBet bookmaker, which can be used for French football matches.

A record-breaking transfer and tragedy

Sala’s goals attracted the attention of then Premier League team Cardiff City. By visiting, it is possible to place pre-match and live bets on all contests of this squad.

Cardiff paid approximately 18 million Euros to Nantes to secure the services of the striker. This transaction took place in the January 2019 transfer window. After an agreement was reached between the two teams and the player, he was ready to join his new teammates. Unfortunately, he would never arrive.

Emiliano Sala boarded a light Piper Malibu aircraft that belonged to one of Cardiff City’s owners. He, alongside the pilot, flew from France to Wales. Unfortunately, many hours after the scheduled arrival time, no airport reported the arrival of the aircraft in question. It was clear that something was very wrong.

A search was launched into the English Channel. A few days into the operation, parts of the aircraft were discovered. Emiliano Sala’s body was also recovered. Unfortunately, the body of the pilot was never found.

After this tragic occurrence, both Nantes and Cardiff engaged in a legal dispute. These two teams are available for wagering at the 1xBet bookmaker. The Welsh team asked the French team for the return of the money they paid for the Argentinian player. Eventually, a court dictated that there was no obligation for returning the funds.


Belgium vs France 2-3 Highlights Video Download

Download Belgium vs France 2-3 Highlights Video.


Nations League Result: Belgium vs France 2-3 Highlights Download: – October 7th, 2021. #BELFRA #FRANCE #BELGIUM. 


French team have done it! Three second half goals see them come from behind to sink Belgium in Turin.

What a game, what a comeback, what an advertisement for the Nations League! Kylian Mbappe was the driving force behind the French response but it’s Theo Hernandez, with his first international goal, who will take the headlines. His 90th minute goal has sent Les Bleus into the final!

What a turnaround from France! They’ve got four added minutes to hold out and complete a sensational comeback win over Belgium. Can they do it?

France are in front! Pavard swings a cross into the box from the right wing. There’s a deflection that sends the ball into the path of Theo Hernandez. He brings it down and drills a shot back across goal beating Courtois and sending France into the final!

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Drama! Carrasco is played in behind Pavard on the left wing and whips a cross into the box. Lukaku meets it on the volley and guides it into the far corner. Is that the winner?

Into the last 10 minutes now and the nerves are starting to show. Lukaku is dispossessed on the edge of the box and then France send a crossfield ball straight out of play.

Close! Mbappe weaves and dribbles his way into the front of the box and sends a shot inches wide of the left hand post!







Cape Verde vs Nigeria (Super Eagles) 1-2 Highlights Download

Download World Cup Qualifier Highlights Video: Cape Verde vs Nigeria (Super Eagles) 1-2 Video. 


Cape Verde vs Nigeria (Super Eagles) 1-2 Highlights Download: World Cup Qualifier Result – September 7th, 2021. 

A misplaced long back pass was played to the Cape Verdean goalkeeper, which he could not catch, leading to an own goal.

Osimhen’s cross into the six-yard box is blocked by the goalkeeper, but on the rebound the ball ends up in the back of the net to make it 1-1.

Nigeria have been given two gifts here tonight in Mindelo with two mistakes from the home side contributing to the two Super Eagles goals.

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The Super Eagles kicked off their 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign with a routine win over Liberia, but they face probably their biggest challenge of Group C with an understrength team.

Cape Verde Islands host Nigeria at the Estádio Municipal Adérito Sena, Mindelo, on matchday two of the FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign, with the home side poised to snatch the three points and Group C’s top spot at stake.



EPL: Liverpool vs Chelsea 1-1 Highlights (Download Video)


Download Football Video Video: Liverpool vs Chelsea 1-1 Highlights #LIVCHE . 


Liverpool vs Chelsea 1-1 Highlights Download: Premier League Results – August 28th, 2021. 

#EPL #LIVCHE #LiverpoolFC #ChelseaFC . 

Liverpool takes on Chelsea at Anfield and the match resulted to too much drama with VAR especially at first half of the game. Reece James finally sees red card before ending of first half while Chelsea was leading  with a goal.

Superb vision from Alexander-Arnold looking for Salah to complete the one-two. Corner.

Liverpool looking to deliver knockout punch – but they need patience
If Liverpool manage this half right, they’ll win. Chelsea are already wobbling. Jurgen Klopp’s side just need to retain possession and not panic. Show a bit of patience and chances will come.

Calm pressure from Klopp’s side
A bit of calm pressure from Liverpool now would do them well. There’s a long way to go and they’re going to get a lot of chances this half. Chelsea will threaten on the break but not as often.

Boos from the Kop as Marcos Alonso messes up any effort to stop Harvey Elliott down the right but manages to win a free-kick after basically sitting on the ball.

Virgil van Dijk strolls into ‘Daniel Agger’ territory before pulling the trigger, forcing Mendy into a save. Liverpool have started the half brightly.



Man City vs Arsenal


Download EPL Results: Manchester City vs Arsenal 5-0 Highlights #MCIARS . 


Manchester City vs Arsenal 5-0 Highlights Download: Premier League Results – August 28th, 2021. 


Guardiola’s Man City thrashed Arteta’s Arsenal at Ethiad stadium with 5 goals to nothing as Granith Xhaka sent off at first half of the game.


Ederson has not been at the races today. His latest failing is kicking the ball straight out for throw-in, much to Guardiola’s chagrin, as he waves his arms around in disgust. He follows it up with pinging a pass straight along the ground to Odegaard 30 yards out from the City goal but Arsenal fail to make anything of it.

Cedric pulls back Grealish for little to no reason. I do not think the Portuguese will last the 90 minutes here today, one way or another.

“This match is like a training match between the seniors and the U19 teams- I mean this quite literally,” writes Joe Harvey.