Piers Morgan Suggests A Player Arsenal Can Sign To Win Champions League And Premier League


Morgan Suggests Ivan Toney fir Arsenal

Arsenal are currently leads the Premier League, placing them above both Man City and Liverpool, as they’re already at the top of their UEFA Champions League group.

Piers Morgan suggests that in order for Gunnar’s team to win both titles, they should consider acquiring an additional striker during the January transfer window.

He specifically recommended Brentford’s Ivan Toney as the best fit for the team.

Morgan believes that bringing in Toney could be the game-changer for Arteta’s team as they strive to secure the most significant trophies in football.

Asked if signing Ivan Toney is the priority, Morgan told The Sports Breakfast: “I think so. I still think we need a world-class striker.


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“I think that Gabriel Jesus has a fantastic heat map, he’s a fantastic footballer, puts incredible effort in and will score goals, but he’s never going to score 25 goals a season or anything like it.

“Toney is a natural goalscorer, a predatory goalscorer and we don’t really have that.

“I don’t think Eddie Nketiah is ready yet. He may become that player and we’ve seen him very dominant against lesser teams but he disappears a lot in the bigger games.

That’s not his fault, it’s a lack of experience but I do think he’ll get there.

“If you asked most Arsenal fans what we’re missing, they’d say that we’re strong defensively and for better or worse, Arteta has proven his point with Raya the goalkeeper.

“He believes in him and he’s a footballing goalkeeper, that’s what Arteta wants.

“He’s got a great defence, a very strong midfield, some brilliant wide attacking players – we just don’t have that guy.

“In the years that we won titles, we had Nicolas Anelka, Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Robin van Persie and players of that calibre

– we don’t have one of those and if we had one of those, we’d have a great chance of not just winning the Premier League, but winning the Champions League.

“Why shouldn’t we? We’ve made a statement of real intent this week and I think we’ve got a squad that can compete for the Champions League.”

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