Mario Balotelli  Pointed His Head As He Celebrates In Front Of The Besiktas Coach Who Said He Had 'No Brain'

The Former Manchester City striker celebrated his goal in front of Besiktas manager who said ‘he had no Brain’ in an interview.


Adana Demirspor forward ran toward Yalcin after his goal and pointed at his head.

Referencing Yalcin’s comments in the past that the Italian “has no brain.”

Mario Balotelli’s 79th-minute strike helped his side secure a 3-3 comeback draw against Besiktas.


After the game, Adana Demirspor president Murat Sancak said that both his own player and the Besiktas manager were in the wrong.

Sancak said.

“I wish it didn’t happen.” “Both Sergen Yalcin’s comments at first and then what Balotelli did were not right.”

Yalcin himself also expressed his shock at Balotelli’s gesture.

Saying it could be related to the striker’s disappointment at not joining Besiktas.


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he said

“It is the first time that I’ve seen a player doing such a thing to a manager.”

“I could not understand why he did that, maybe the reason is that,

he did not join Besiktas last year. That shows his personality.”

Balotelli also posted on his Instagram story after the game, saying:

“We have brain and especially we have balls and heart. Very big heart and we are proud of it.”

What did Yalcin say to Balotelli?

Manchesterwas City in a pre-season match against LA Galaxy in 2013, Balotelli infamously tried a backheel finish that went awry.

That attempt infuriated City manager Roberto Mancini, who immediately took Balotelli out of the game.

Yalcin was  working as a pundit at the time,

He said: “He has no brain, if I were in Mancini’s shoes I would fire him!”

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