Ronaldo Walks Out Of Post-Match Interview

Ronaldo Walks Out Of Post-Match Interview

Portuguese forward flashed a thumbs up as he moved away from the TV camera after answering a few questions.

Cristiano Ronaldo walked off camera during a post-match interview,

following his record-breaking international goal for Portugal on Wednesday.

His second-half equaliser against the Republic of Ireland made him the all-time leading men’s scorer,

at 110 career goals, and he brought his tally to 111 in stoppage time to give Portugal a 2-1 win in World Cup qualifying.

Ronaldo was not interested in spending much time with the media afterwards,

choosing instead to celebrate away from his interview.

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How it  happened

Ronaldo’s interview session started normally, with the forward answering questions about his record-setting effort.

I’m very happy, not only because I beat the record but also for the special moments,

that we had, two goals at the end of the game,” Ronaldo according to Sky Sports.

“[Missing an early penalty] was just part of the game, part of the business.

Sometimes you score, sometimes you [make a] mistake. But I still believed until the end of the game.”

He didn’t have patience for another question to be asked, shuffling off camera as the reporter attempted to continue the interview.

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